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SNP Government publishes Tech Export Plan

A plan to help the technology sector reach new international markets has been published by the SNP Government this week.

Produced in partnership with industry experts, the Export Plan for Scotland’s Technology Sector identifies opportunities to build on strengths in key areas, including digital technologies and advanced manufacturing.

Following the publication of the National Strategy for Economic Transformation, this action plan encourages better collaboration between industry, the public sector and the SNP Government to unlock economic opportunities and better promote tech businesses internationally.

Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

“Scotland has much to offer the world in terms of innovative tech skills and solutions, and this is one of a series of sector-specific plans critical to delivering our economic ambitions to grow exports to a quarter of Gross Domestic Product by 2029.

“An Export Plan for Scotland’s Technology Sector sets out how we can work in partnership with the industry to identify new markets and opportunities, helping to grow the technology we export around the world.

“The SNP Government is ambitious about transforming Scotland’s, and this plan will help to ensure securing new trade and investment opportunities are front and centre of our economic growth.”

The Trading Nation strategy included a commitment to create a sector export plan for the technology sector.

In 2021, there were 10,395 Value Added Tax/Pay as You Earn (VAT/PAYE) registered businesses in the technology sector, which equated to 5.8% of the VAT/PAYE registered businesses in Scotland’s private sector. These businesses provide 83,610 jobs and have a total turnover of £21.6 billion.



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