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SNP Government's National Infrastructure Mission will Invest £33,000 million

A re-elected SNP Government will invest £33,000 million over the next five years, supporting an estimated 45,000 jobs directly and providing huge benefits across Scottish supply chains.

Through a National Infrastructure Mission, investment in infrastructure projects will rise by £1,500 million to almost £7,000 million per year by 2025/26.

A National Infrastructure Company will manage and develop public assets for public good, putting fair working conditions at the heart of infrastructure projects which will include:

• £180 million in an Emerging Energy Technologies Fund • Over £3,800 million on our rail network to improve services for passengers and freight and £550 million for dedicated rail decarbonisation projects • Over £600 million in digital infrastructure, primarily in rural and island areas • £525 million to deliver the next five years of city region and regional growth deals • £275 million to support community-led regeneration and town centre revitalisation • £2,000 million in a Learning Estate Investment Programme, in partnership with local government.

Cunninghame North Candidate Kenneth Gibson said:

“As we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic, we have a valuable opportunity to change how we invest in our connectivity and infrastructure.

“The SNP always puts fairness and fair work at the heart of our policies and investments. The National Infrastructure Company will be an excellent vehicle to help implement at both the infrastructure and fair work programmes.

“We have bold ambitions for Scotland and preparing us for our future through increased infrastructure investment is one part of it. Make it #BothVotesSNP for a Scotland that’s ready to take its future in its own hands.”



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