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SNP Government Triples Fuel Insecurity Fund

First Minister Humza Yousaf MSP has tripled the Fuel Insecurity Fund to £30 million, to assist households who are at risk of self-rationing or self-disconnecting their energy supply.

The SNP Government had previously committed to doubling the Fuel Insecurity Fund to £20 million.

These resources will be made available to third sector organisations to support the most vulnerable households in Scotland.

Previous funding was allocated to the Fuel Bank Foundation, Advice Direct Scotland and Scottish Federation of Housing Associations to enable them to offer support. Cunninghame North MSP Kenneth Gibson commented:

“The tripling of the SNP Government’s Fuel Insecurity Fund will be welcomed by many who have unfortunately been struggling with rising energy bills amidst the wider Tory-made cost-of-living crisis.

“The SNP Government’s Fuel Insecurity Fund includes provision for households on any tariff type and using any type of fuel and it has already helped many people through third sector assistance.

“In a country as energy rich as Scotland, we should not have people living in fuel poverty. The SNP Government will renew and redouble efforts to lift people out of poverty, make work fair and deliver prosperity.”

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