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SNP Government will appoint Victims' Commissioner

The SNP will appoint a Victims' Commissioner following a dedicated campaign by the father of a 30 year old man killed in Leith while enjoying a quiet night out with a couple of friends.

Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf established a special taskforce to consider the idea following an appeal by Mr Kevin Woodburn after his son Shaun died early on New Year’s Day 2017 after being assaulted by 16-year-old thug Mohammed Ibnomer, who was charged with murder but found guilty of culpable homicide.

Mr Yousaf said:

“The commissioner will provide an independent voice to victims and witnesses and review the provision of victim services.

“The SNP Government has put victims’ rights at the heart of the criminal justice system, investing over £75million in victim support over the last five years.

“We set up the victims' taskforce to improve support, advice and information for victims of crime."

"From the work of the taskforce and listening directly to the views and experiences of victims, I can announce we will legislate to appoint a victims commissioner for Scotland.”

Kenneth Gibson added:

“Where necessary, the commissioner will challenge government, and those across the justice system. If there are steps need to improve a victim’s justice experience the commissioner will help to develop them.”

A new funding regime for victim support organisations will be considered and the SNP Government will introduce a justice-specific knowledge and skills framework for trauma informed practice.



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