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SNP publishes Route Map to a More Socially Just Scotland

The SNP’s Social Justice and Fairness Commission, set up by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, has published its Route Map to a Fair, Independent Scotland.

The findings of the report are based on the central principle that the function of government is to make life better for everyone and ensure no one is left behind. The Commission believes that, with independence, Scotland can build on the foundations that have been laid under devolution by the SNP Government. The report offers a conversation starter to find consensus about the kind of Scotland we want to build with independence and how best to get there.

The Commission considered three key elements of the route map to a fairer Scotland:

  • Democratic renewal by changing how we make decisions

  • Values rooted in human rights and equality

  • Prioritising transformative policies that put the wellbeing of people first

Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

“Independence is not the end goal, it is a means to an end – a means to create a democratic, fair and prosperous Scotland where decisions on priorities and spending are made in Scotland, by the people of Scotland, benefitting and reflecting the priorities of those who live here.

“With an independence referendum in our sights, this is a good time to prepare for how we want full powers to be used in a fair and democratic way that benefits us all. I encourage everyone to look at this report and catch a glimpse of the high road Scotland could be taking.”

Read the full report or an executive summary here.



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