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SNP puts Young Scots Front and Centre

Kenneth Gibson has pledged that the interests of young Scots will remain at the forefront of SNP thinking.

Our policies will empower young people in Scotland, including:

  • Ensuring everyone aged 16-24 has the opportunity to join the 18,000 in work, training or education who already benefit from our Young Person’s Guarantee, with a further investment of £70 million.

  • Raising the age at which Scots become eligible for council tax from 18 to 22.

  • Guaranteeing free university tuition. Introduced by Labour, tuition fees were abolished by the SNP in 2008. They are currently £9,250 a year in England under the Tories and £9,000 a year in Wales under Labour.

  • Expanding concessionary travel to everyone under the age of 22 to enable greater flexibility in where young people can work and study.

Kenneth urged young voters to unite behind the SNP to put Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands - not Boris Johnson’s - and said:

"Young people in Scotland benefit hugely from SNP policies and it’s vitally important we maintain this, progress, especially given the severe impact the pandemic and Brexit have had on the opportunities afforded to young people.

“The SNP Government has acted to protect and empower young people - abolishing tuition fees, delivering votes at sixteen, and mitigating harmful Tory austerity.

"However, we will go further with our positive, ambitious vision for Scotland’s future.

“To ensure that Scotland’s future is firmly in Scotland’s hands is to cast both votes for the SNP in May.”



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