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SNP's 100 Day Plan to Protect Scotland and Kickstart Recovery

Nicola Sturgeon this morning published a plan detailing just some of the actions a re-elected SNP Government would take within 100 days of being re-elected to keep Scotland safe during the pandemic and kickstart a sustainable recovery.

First Steps sets out key actions to tackle the pandemic, support the NHS, invest in jobs and young people, support families and tackle the climate crisis.

The SNP Leader said:

“This 100 day plan demonstrates the SNP is the only party that is serious both about government and about helping people in Scotland through these difficult times. “Only by voting SNP can people ensure the experienced leadership required to keep Scotland in safe hands.

“By backing the SNP with both votes, Scotland will be able to make real progress through and out of the pandemic, with a pay rise for NHS workers, new cancer centres opened, support small businesses to go digital, new training courses to help young people into jobs and immediate action to tackle the climate crisis. “We’ll take urgent action to support children, families and young people - completing the roll-out of 1,140 hours of free childcare - expanding free school meals, paying the first instalment of the expanded £1,000 million Scottish Attainment Fund and introducing the legal changes to extend free bus travel to everyone under 22.”

Kenneth Gibson added: “As the only credible party fighting to win this election and to take us through the aftermath of the pandemic, the SNP has produced a comprehensive plan that addresses the immediate challenges. Importantly, we will also start work on longer term challenges by establishing a new Council for Economic Transformation, taking the first steps toward establishing a National Care Service and beginning work on a Minimum Income Guarantee.

“Imagine what we could do if Scotland had the full powers of an independent country, the ability to increase state pensions, tackle employment rights, have full control of our economy to help Scotland thrive, and more.

“We also would not be subject to decades of more UK Tory Governments taking us in directions we simply don’t want to go.

“The SNP has the experience, plans and readiness to hit the ground running to lead Scotland’s recovery. All we have to do is vote SNP both in the constituency and on the Regional List.”

The publication First Steps can be found and downloaded as an easy to read document here. On Thursday 06 May, make it #BothVotesSNP.



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