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SNP Stands Stronger for Scotland

Nicola Sturgeon today vowed that the SNP will always stand stronger for Scotland and would continue to oppose austerity and Westminster cuts, whilst highlighting the party’s record both in Holyrood and Westminster.

Ms Sturgeon said that a re-elected SNP Government would continue to oppose attempts to reduce Scotland’s budget, as well as end the ‘disgraceful’ treatment of disabled people by the Tories. Other key SNP pledges included:

• Ensure that the burden of austerity doesn’t fall on those who can least afford it.

• Abolish the Bedroom Tax when powers are devolved to the Scottish Parliament.

• Oppose Tory plans in the Scottish Parliament to reintroduce prescription charges and a graduate tax.

• Vote against any Tory attempts to privatise the NHS at Westminster, with its potential knock-on.

• Oppose the £167bn renewal of Trident with money being invested in public services and

infrastructure instead. Ms Sturgeon said:

“In government in Scotland, and leading the opposition in Westminster, the SNP has stood stronger for Scotland and against austerity.

“When the Tories tried to slash £7,000 million from Scotland’s budget during the fiscal framework negotiations, the SNP stood firm, and secured new powers for Scotland without a single penny being cut.

“When they imposed the Bedroom Tax on Scotland, the SNP Government mitigated it. We’ll formally abolish it when we have the powers to do so, and ensure no further cuts to disability benefits.

“We will resist Tory attempts in the Scottish Parliament to reintroduce taxes on ill health and on education and we will oppose Tory moves at Westminster to spend £167,000 million on renewing Trident, privatise parts of the NHS and further reduce Scotland’s budget."

Added Kenneth Gibson:

“Ruth Davidson’s ambition is to finish second in this election, but it’s not a strong Tory opposition that Scotland needs; Scotland needs a strong opposition to the Tories.

“The way the Tories treat disabled people is disgraceful and Scotland’s Tory branch office manager Ruth Davidson doesn’t even try to disassociate herself from UK Tory Government policies at Westminster, even the proposal to cut £7,000 million from Scotland’s budget over the next decade. By giving both votes to the SNP, the people of Scotland can elect a government which will always stand up for Scotland’s interests.”


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