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SNP Still Most Trusted Party in Scotland after 15 Years in Government

An Ipsos Mori poll run in partnership with STV News has revealed that the SNP remains clearly ahead in voting intentions amongst the Scottish electorate, with 44% of those polled intending to vote SNP if there was an immediate UK General Election. This is almost identical to the 45% who voted SNP in December 2019.

The poll also showed that First Minister and SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon has the highest satisfaction rating of any party leader of Scottish and UK wide parties - with a satisfaction rating nearly 30% higher than Douglas Ross who leads the Tories in Scotland. A clear majority - 64% of Scots - think they will be worse off under Boris Johnson.

In addition:

  • 38% trust the SNP most to grow Scotland’s economy (Conservatives 18%, Labour 16%);

  • 37% trust the SNP most to manage the NHS in Scotland (Labour 20%, Conservatives 13%);

  • 36% trust the SNP most to manage education and schools in Scotland (Labour 19%, Conservatives 15%); and

  • 33% trust the SNP most to tackle the cost of living crisis (Labour 20%, Conservatives 12%).

Support for independence was measured at 50%.

Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

“Following the SNP’s resounding council election victory last month, this poll confirms that the people of Scotland continue to put their trust in First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP to deliver for Scotland.

“To be so trusted as the SNP in a fourth consecutive term in government is no mean feat. Scottish Parliament elections are an entirely democratic process, as are local government and General Elections, and the SNP clearly remains the first choice for more voters than any other party.

“In addition, the SNP was re-elected by the people of Scotland with a renewed, cast-iron mandate to hold an independence referendum in this parliamentary term. A majority of Scots support a referendum - and the majority of people expressing an opinion want to see that referendum take place during this parliamentary term, which is still the plan.”

The poll was conducted over telephone amongst 1,000 adults aged 16+ between 23 - 29 May 2022.



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