• Kenneth Gibson MSP

SNP Vision to Make Sure Culture Counts

The SNP has set out a bold vision for culture and the creative arts in Scotland ahead of the Holyrood election.

The party’s manifesto will place participation in culture and heritage at the very heart of the SNP’s ambitions if re-elected to government in May.

The Scottish Government’s Culture Secretary Fiona Hyslop set out four key pledges – on people, places, production and promotion – to ensure that Scotland’s cultural sector continues to flourish at home and on the international stage.

If re-elected, an SNP government will prioritise:

• People – creating new opportunities for all primary school pupils to have the chance to play music and to visit Scotland’s historic estates, theatres, museums and galleries.

• Places – supporting the development of high quality social housing through design in 2016 – Scotland’s Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design.

• Production – launching a dedicated national unit for film and TV – Production Scotland – and continuing to press for new TV and radio services through the BBC charter renewal process.

• Promotion – continuing the International Touring Fund and developing a new National Touring Fund for Theatre to bring more productions to even more communities across the country.

Commenting, Fiona Hyslop said:

“Culture is one of Scotland’s most precious assets and most valuable exports.

“The SNP is determined to create the conditions for Scotland to flourish and continue to develop our cultural offering; nurturing more of those within the sector as they strive to achieve their best – whether that’s in a local gallery or on the world stage.

“We will develop Scotland’s first ever culture strategy based on access, equity and excellence – and underpinning that ambition is our aim that all young people have access to culture and heritage that can truly inspire them to have the confidence to express their own creativity.

“We’ll put Scotland’s creative excellence to practical use too – with innovative design leading a revolution in the development of high quality social housing.

“And we’re excited, with the commitment already to a permanent film studio for Scotland, to unleash potential in TV production and filmmaking through a new national unit for film and TV – Production Scotland.

“As much as we want to see global success of homegrown talent, we want to bring world class arts to more communities across Scotland through a National Touring Fund.

“Our vision is truly to make sure that culture counts and it is vital to the SNP’s prospectus for a third term as Scotland’s government.”