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Sturgeon: 'Most Important Election Ever'


SNP Leader and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP today made clear that the upcoming election is the most important in the devolved as the party sets out its ambitious, progressive vision to keep Scotland moving forward. In an address to SNP election candidates in Edinburgh today, the First Minister called for the election campaign to be a positive, constructive battle of ideas, as parties set out how they will use the new powers coming to Scotland fairly and progressively. Nicola Sturgeon also highlighted the sense of democratic engagement in Scotland unleashed during the referendum and made clear that the SNP continue to meet the high standards demanded by the electorate. Commenting, Ms Sturgeon said: “May’s vote is – without doubt – the most important election since the Scottish Parliament was re-established in 1999. “The responsibility on the SNP to offer positive ideas and vision for Scotland’s future has never been greater. Scotland needs a government and First Minister which will resist Tory austerity at every turn and stand stronger for Scotland. “So that’s why, in this election, the SNP are going to campaign harder than we have ever campaigned before. We seek to be the government of all of Scotland and that is why we will be out in force in every corner of Scotland. “The current opinion polls make SNP members feel humbled and motivated; humbled that the people of Scotland continue, after nine years in office, to put their trust in the SNP. And motivated that, if we work hard to repay that trust, we can secure another term in office. “We all know that opinion polls are just that: opinion polls. I’m well aware that a party which starts to take the support of voters for granted will very quickly lose that support and rightly so. “Over the next few weeks, the SNP will talk about what we have achieved over the last few years. We’ll lay the foundations not just for the next five years, but for the next decade and beyond. “My challenge to the other parties today is this; let’s give the people of Scotland the debate that they deserve. “My challenge to every activist and every candidate in the SNP is to campaign as hard as you can to persuade the people of Scotland to put their trust in the SNP. “To the people of Scotland, my plea is this; if you want to see the return of an SNP Government, then don’t rely on others to elect it. You have to go out and give both votes to the SNP. “If you want a Scottish Government which always stands stronger for Scotland and doesn’t cow-tow to party bosses in Westminster, then go out and give both votes to the SNP. “If you want to protect the vital services such as free prescriptions, free university tuition and free school meals, then go out and give both votes to the SNP. “Vote SNP and help us carry on with the progress we have made over the last few years.”


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