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Supporting Scottish Tourism and Hospitality

A new Industry Leadership Group (ILG), co-chaired by Tourism Minister Ivan McKee, is being set up to support the tourism and hospitality sectors and drive Scotland’s ambition to be a world leader in 21st century tourism.

The group will also help to deliver the national tourism strategy, Scotland Outlook 2030, by aiming to grow the value and enhance the benefits of tourism across Scotland whilst delivering the very best for visitors, businesses, and communities.

Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

“Over the course of the last couple of years, the Scottish Tourism Emergency Response Group has played a crucial role to support the tourism and hospitality sector in the immediate recovery from the pandemic. As we continue to recover from the effects and grow our economy again, there are different challenges impacting the sector, including Brexit and the Cost Emergency.

The Tourism and Hospitality Industry Leadership Group will provide an important forum for representatives from across public agencies, sectors and community tourism to work together to help drive recovery and sustainable growth in North Ayrshire and across Scotland.”



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