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Taxi Drivers urged to take up Offer of £1,500 SNP Government Grant

Cunninghame North SNP Candidate Kenneth Gibson has urged eligible North Ayrshire taxi and private hire drivers to make sure they take up the £1,500 SNP Government payment to help soften the impact of lockdown.

Following a request from Kenneth Gibson to the Minister for Fair Work in January, taxi drivers in receipt of Universal Credit were immediately included to benefit from the Taxi and Private Hire Driver Support Fund.

Figures published by the SNP Government on 07 April show that although all eligible taxi drivers in North Ayrshire have been written to and offered the £1,500 grant to cover fixed costs, only 69% of the 482 eligible drivers had returned their application by 26 March.

Kenneth Gibson said:

“With COVID-19 forcing people to stay at home, taxi and private hire drivers across North Ayrshire have unfortunately had to do with less income whilst still forking out on MOTs, insurance and general maintenance.

“While it is understandable that in the throes of lockdown life people may not have sat down to return their application, I urge drivers to apply for the £1,500 grant.

“The fund is being administered by North Ayrshire Council on behalf of the SNP Government so the letter will have come from them.”

If you have a Taxi Driver's Licence or a Private Hire Car Driver's Licence from North Ayrshire Council but you have not received an email, please email their Business Team on: .



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