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Thank You!

From Kenneth:

After a Scottish Parliament election in which more people than ever exercised their right to vote, I was delighted to be re-elected as the MSP for Cunninghame North so decisively.

In a hard-fought campaign, we faced challenging circumstances in which we could not knock doors - a particular strength of Cunninghame North SNP - prior to 26 April. Nevertheless, we polled more votes than the Tories and Labour combined and our vote increased in this constituency for the fourth consecutive Holyrood election.

I truly appreciate the overwhelming trust my constituents have placed in me and the SNP Government. Representing the people and communities of Cunninghame North is a privilege I will never take for granted as I continue working hard to the best of my ability.

Across Scotland 64 of 129 MSPs are SNP, almost matching the 65 of the other four parties combined. Pro-independence MSPs number 72, a clear mandate to take Scotland forward to another independence referendum, once we have fully recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic. We will now focus on that recovery.

As ‘Purdah’ is now over, MSPs can again take up even non-urgent new cases. As ever, please don't hesitate to email me on or call 01294 833687 if I can assist you in any way.

As yet, MSPs are not permitted to re-open our offices to the public. However, I will do so as soon as I am allowed to and surgeries will follow thereafter.

With all best wishes, Kenneth J Gibson MSP Cunninghame North


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