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The Future of Royal Mail Services

I met officials and postal workers from the Communications Workers Union (CWU) at Holyrood to discuss the future of our local postal services.

The CWU reps provided crucial updates on the ongoing postal dispute and Royal Mail’s unacceptable plans to cut 10,000 jobs, dismantle pay and conditions and end the Universal Service Obligation.

It is vital that Royal Mail urgently make a fair offer to their loyal workforce to quickly bring an end to this dispute.

If there is anything the current cost-of-living crisis has made obvious, it is the problems associated with the UK’s current economic model which is too often based on low pay and insecure hours.

I am therefore completely opposed to plans to turn Royal Mail Group into a gig economy-style parcel courier, reliant on casual labour.

It is important that Royal Mail workers – the people who kept us connected during the pandemic–receive the fair pay and secure hours they deserve.


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