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The Many U-Turns of Sir Keir Starmer

If you have found yourself struggling lately to keep up with the Labour Party’s position on key issues you are far from alone.

Sir Keir Starmer was elected as Labour leader four years ago on a platform of pledges, promising to defend the party’s “radical values.”

Since then, he has imposed major policy u-turns on his party, such as:

• Abolishing the bedroom tax – currently being mitigated by the SNP Government in Scotland

• Abolishing the two-child benefit cap

• Arms sales to Saudi Arabia

• Capping bankers’ bonuses

• Charitable tax breaks for private schools

• Devolving employment law

• Enhancing workers’ rights

• Expanding free childcare

• Freedom of movement

• House of Lords reform

• Investing £28 billion a year in the green transition

• Nationalisation of key public services like energy, Royal Mail and – in England – water.

• Private sector provision in the NHS

• Tuition Fees

• Wealth taxes


Labour cannot credibly claim to be an alternative when they now ape Tory policies at every turn.

And Labour in Scotland just does as it’s told.

Scotland deserves better. Only the SNP MPs can be trusted to consistently champion policies in the best interests of the people of Scotland.

Politico has put together a handy guide to help navigate you through the many u-turns of Sir Keir Starmer, making crystal clear he is unprincipled, believes in nothing except winning and will ditch/adopt any policy to gain office


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