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Tories "Making the Case for Independence"


The Tories are making the case for independence, SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown MSP said, after last week’s ruling from the UK Supreme Court exposed the “astonishing lengths” the UK Government has gone to undermine devolution.

The Supreme Court this week ruled that the Scottish Government’s Continuity Bill, necessary to prepare Scotland’s laws for Brexit, was competent when passed by MSPs, apart from one section.

However, after Holyrood passed the Bill, the Tories deliberately delayed the Act becoming law. They moved the goalposts by passing their own legislation to cut Holyrood’s powers and make other parts of the bill retrospectively outwith the Scottish Parliament’s competence.

Commenting, Mr Brown said:

“With every day that passes, the Tories are making the case for independence. The UK Government’s behaviour over the Continuity Bill – exposed last week by the UK Supreme Court – shows the utter contempt with which they treat Scotland.

“The UK government’s approach to Brexit is in complete and utter chaos and so it’s no wonder the Scottish Parliament didn’t trust Westminster to prepare our laws.

“Even so, the astonishing lengths the Tories have went to tie Holyrood’s hands should shock all democrats."

Kenneth Gibson MSP added:

“It is now clearer than ever that the UK Government is not working for Scotland and that only independence will enable us to deliver the best possible future for the people of Scotland.”



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