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Tory Government's Wasted Spending reaches £64 billion

The UK Tory Government has wasted £63,986,302,250 since 2019 according to Best for Britain’s ‘Scandalous Spending’ Tracker.

This sum is equivalent to around £1,000 for every man, woman and child in Britain and highlights the UK Tory Government’s fiscal ineptitude as it has failed to tackle fuel and food poverty during the cost of living crisis.

The figure is an estimate using publicly available data and includes the millions wasted on the ‘Festival of Brexit,’ billions on unused PPE and on ‘crony’ contracts.

As Liz Truss begins her new role as Prime Minister, it is essential that the UK Tory Government is held accountable for their inept of public funds.

Scotland’s Budget suffered a 5.2% real terms cut for 2022-23 highlighting the need for thorough scrutiny of UK’s Government fiscal decisions to ensure taxpayers’ money is being spent responsibly.

To view Best for Britain’s Scandalous Spending Tracker, please visit: Scandalous spending tracker - Best for Britain .



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