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Tory MPs Admit Brexit Disaster 'After a Drink or Two'

Former Home Secretary – and Brexit backer – Amber Rudd has claimed that pro-Brexit Tory MPs know the decision to leave the European Union has been a disaster and will freely admit so ‘after a drink or two’.

But Ms Rudd, who quit politics during bitter internal Tory clashes over Brexit, said that few of them are being honest with the public because “you have to be able to say Brexit is a success to be a spokesperson for the Conservative Party.”

Analysis has shown Brexit is costing the UK economy £100 billion every year - £1,500 for every man, woman and child in the country.

Only this week, the Bank of England says Brexit is pushing inflation up to historic levels. Despite this, the Tories, Labour and even the Lib Dem offer no route back to EU membership.

With even those who backed Brexit aware it’s a disaster, Scotland needs independence to rejoin Europe.

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