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Tory MSP Admits Universal Credit Policy Disastrous

A Tory MSP has written to the Herald warning that her own party’s Universal Credit policy risks “failing those who the system set out to support.”

In a remarkably frank letter, which will make difficult reading for many of her Tory colleagues, Annie Wells MSP details the scale of the issue facing her Glasgow constituents “who are worried about the impact the rollout will have on their lives.”

Ms Wells calls for reassurances from her UK government colleagues that the views of the “most vulnerable in our society . . . will be listened to.”

Universal Credit continues to adversely impact families across Scotland, who are being driven into poverty as a direct result of this disastrous Tory policy.

Commenting, Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

“This is an incredibly frank, yet welcome, admission from a Tory MSP that the rollout of Universal Credit is having a damaging impact on people’s lives. There is no doubt has been a disaster that has driven people into poverty.

“Ms Wells’ own party is responsible for Universal Credit, and it’s her party which is pressing on with this policy in the face of truly devastating evidence of the human cost.

“One wonders why she’s written to the Herald, instead of trying to persuade her Tory colleagues to bring a halt to the rollout of this failed policy. Maybe her party is simply ignoring her concerns, as it does others'.

“Of course, if Ms Wells can speak out, it simply exposes the deafening silence on this issue from Ruth Davidson and Scotland’s 13 Tory MPs.”

‘Tory MSP admits concerns over universal credit’



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