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Total Recall

Vodafone UK and Three UK plan to merge, driving infrastructure investment, including fully-fledged 5G Standalone network technology.

Unlike non-standalone setups, a 5G Standalone network operates independently with its own core and radio components, providing better coverage, speed, and connectivity.

According to Vodafone UK , the proposed merger would massively benefit 838,000 people in rural communities.

Small and medium-sized enterprises are currently missing out due to slow roll-out of 5G Standalone and it is estimated Scotland could make productivity savings of £575 million, with the sectors most likely to benefit being Research & Science, Construction and Wholesale & Retail.

At present, 38.03% of North Ayrshire and Arran’s landmass is currently in a 5G not-spot. The proposed merger of Vodafone and Three would mean 99% 5G coverage by 2034.

The headset I tried on explores virtual reality.


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