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Trust in SNP Government at All Time High

People in Scotland continue to place their trust in the SNP Government as the party seeks to serve an historic third term. Figures from the newly published Social Attitudes Survey for 2015 show that almost three quarters of people in Scotland trust the SNP Government, compared to only 23% who trust the Tory Government at Westminster. People put their faith in the SNP Government to make fair decisions almost three times more than Westminster, with 3 in 5 agreeing that the SNP Government listens to people’s views in decision-making, while only 17% thought this of the UK Government. These are the highest levels of trust in the SNP Government since 2009. A further key finding of the survey is that satisfaction levels with the NHS in Scotland remain high at 62% under the SNP, with less than a quarter of people dissatisfied with the NHS. NHS satisfaction is up 22% since 2005.

Commenting, Kenneth Gibson MSP said: “The SNP stands proud of our record in government and the fact that the majority of people trust us to fight for a fair deal for Scotland is very encouraging. “With the Tories determined to find new ways to cut Scotland’s budget at every opportunity following their recent attempt to reduce our budget by £7,000 million during fiscal framework discussions, it’s little wonder that people don’t trust them to act in Scotland’s best interests. “There is a clear rise in public support for the SNP’s stewardship of our health service, where we’re delivering record funding with more staff working in our NHS than ever, despite cuts imposed on Scotland by Westminster. “With just seven weeks to go until the Holyrood elections the SNP is taking nothing for granted. However it is heartening that people trust Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP Government to keep Scotland moving forward, delivering on key public services such as the NHS and making sure we get a fair deal for the people of Scotland.” The Scottish Social Attitudes Survey 2015 is available at:


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