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Yesterday, Transparency International released their Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI).

The UK’s score sharply dropped to 73 – its lowest score since the Index underwent a major revamp in 2012. This has resulted in a seven-place fall in the European rankings from 11th place to 18th.

The CPI uses impartial surveys from experts and business leaders to score and rank countries by the perceived level of corruption in their public sectors. It uses a scale of zero (perceived as highly corrupt) to 100 (no corruption).

Across the globe, only five of the 180 countries assessed for the 2022 Index saw their year-on-year scores drop by five or more points – the UK, Qatar, Myanmar, Azerbaijan and Oman.

Tory sleaze and corruption is endemic at Westminster across every iteration of the UK Government.

The UK’s political landscape has been awash with reports of dodgy COVID contracts and the Michelle Mone fiasco, Partygate, and now, the ongoing Zahawi saga and Boris Johnson’s murky personal finances.

As yet, there is no sign that Rishi Sunak’s government will be any better than his recent predecessors.

THE CPI rankings can be viewed at:


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