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Under 40s urged to get Second COVID Vaccination

Kenneth Gibson MSP is urging people under 40 across North Ayrshire and Scotland who have still to receive their second dose of the vaccine, to book an appointment or go to a drop-in clinic and maximise the protection offered.

Over the past month, 30% of COVID-19 related hospital admissions in Scotland was in those aged under 40, and the majority of hospital admissions amongst unvaccinated individuals were in the under 40s age group (58%).

Kenneth said:

“With cases on the rise and around a third of patients being younger than 40, we have to recognise that COVID is a virus that very much affects younger people.

“While Public Health Scotland statistics show that in the age categories over 40, nearly 100% of people in North Ayrshire are double-jabbed, this drops off to 90.9% in the 30-39 category and lower.

“Evidence shows that after two doses the vaccines are more than 90% effective against hospital admissions from the effects of the virus. Even if the time since the first dose is more than eight weeks, you should still be vaccinated and I encourage you to attend a drop-in clinic or rearrange your missed appointment via NHS Inform website.”

Ian Scott, Clinical lead for Respiratory (Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) ECMO service Scotland said:

“Over the last few weeks we have been seeing increased numbers of referrals to intensive care in the under 40s with COVID-19.

“In the UK, the average age of patients with COVID-19 requiring ECMO support is currently under forty.

“The stark fact is, none of these patients have been double vaccinated and most do not have underlying health conditions.

“Normally at this time of year we would have no patients requiring this level of respiratory support. The survival rate of patients with severe COVID-19 is worse than viral pneumonia.

“The risks with requiring ventilation and ECMO are extremely high and we feel that some of these deaths could be avoided.”

Image: Public Health Scotland



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