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University Places for Scots at Record Level

More Scottish pupils have secured a university place than in any previous year, with almost 30,000 Scottish students gaining entry to a course, up 5% on last year.

Said Kenneth Gibson:

"Scotland's higher education system is going from strength to strength, with five of our universities in the top 150. France, by comparison, with 12 times our population has only one.

"Importantly, whilst university tuition fees - introduced by Labour and more than doubled by the previous UK Con-Lib Coalition Government - is being increased by the UK Tory Government next spring to an eye-watering £9,250 per student per year, here in Scotland, free tuition means that access to university is based on the ability to learn, not the ability to pay. As long as the SNP is in government, that will continue, giving more Scots the benefit of a university education and the boost to our economy that brings."



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