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Update your COVID Status and Vaccine Certification Apps with Privacy Improvements Today (21 October)

People seeking access to venues across Scotland are being urged to update their personal NHS COVID Status app, which allows people to access venues and premises using a reduced amount of personal health data, from Thursday 21 October, as of noon.

This will ensure you have the domestic QR code added to your app so it shows a green tick when scanned, confirming your double vaccination status.

Also as of today, businesses should update their customer COVID Check (verifier) App to ensure the QR code shows a green tick when scanned.

The Scottish vaccine certification apps scheme is being updated as part of planned changes to reduce the amount of personal information which is shared.

The green tick will replace the dates of vaccination currently displayed on the app and will reduce the amount of personal health data being shared.

Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

"The roll-out of the green tick display when QR codes are checked will reduce the amount of information shared and confirm only that a person has a valid certificate for use across Scotland. The App is now working well after being introduced more than two weeks ago and updates are an important feature of this kind of technology to ensure it continues to run smoothly.

“Everyone who has the app should download the new version and those who don’t yet have the app should download it from their app store before they need to use it.

“Please ensure you update your app today from the App Store or the Google Play Store on your phone, and support North Ayrshire's venues.”

Updated guidance on using the App has been published.

People using a letter obtained through NHS Inform as proof of their vaccination status will still be able to use this to access premises covered by the scheme. PDFs downloaded onto a mobile device will also continue to work.

Guidance for businesses has been updated which provides advice on the steps they need to take to update the app.

Businesses and event organisers can download the verifier app at the website.



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