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Visit to Harper House, Saltcoats

I was pleased to meet with Kerry McGhee, Registered Residential Services Manager, at Harper House in Saltcoats to hear about the successful first few months of the Specialist Family Service.

Officially opened in October to help tackle drug addiction, the service currently houses nine families, with an expectation of reaching full capacity - 20 families - in April. Currently, 60% of families staying are from North Ayrshire.

Harper House offers a unique, family-focused programme that benefits both parents and their children using therapeutic intervention, parental development, and childcare.

The centre provides person-centred support with the SNP Government having invested £9 million in the facility and funding placements up to 6 months as well as 18 months of post-treatment support.

It was great to see the facility completed and meet some of the families currently staying to hear about their positive experiences of the service, staff and the centre itself.


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