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Vote SNP for a Bright, Sustainable Future for Cumbrae

A re-elected SNP Government will support a green recovery and invest in island infrastructure. For example, our Islands Connectivity Plan will deliver 5G services by the end of next year and improve ferry resilience, with a new ferry to replace the Loch Riddon.

Millport already benefits from the SNP Government’s 100% rates relief for tourism and hospitality businesses and a campaign this summer will encourage people to holiday in Scotland, including the Clyde islands.

The SNP Government will work to nurture and develop Cumbrae’s economy and sustainable employment while protecting the island’s unique environment.

The Young Person’s Guarantee for 16 to 24-year olds will include skills to create and support island-based small and micro-businesses to deliver training and employment.

An Islands Bond will encourage young people and families to stay on or move to Cumbrae and assist them to buy homes, settle and start businesses. Funding will support travel and subsistence for apprentices who live on Cumbrae but work off-island.

North Ayrshire Council (NAC) will be given powers to manage the number of second homes, refurbish derelict properties and house people who choose to live and work on Cumbrae. Scottish Ministers will continue to work in partnership with social housing providers NAC and Cunninghame Housing Association to improve Millport’s housing stock, as happened at with NAC’s St Beya Gardens development.

A new centre of excellence for rural, island and remote medicine and social care will provide expertise and advice on care delivery with a £25 million fund for carers and people with disabilities.

A Net-Zero Pathway for industry will help protect and enhance our natural assets while delivering a low carbon future for Cumbrae and other islands.

SNP Holyrood candidate Kenneth Gibson said:

“The campaigns to save and restore Millport Town Hall and Millport Pier, develop the magnificent new Cumbrae Parish Church and the discussions over the proposed £27.5 million flood protection scheme - 80% funded by the SNP Government - shows the tenacity and determination of Cumbrae’s people to continually improve and develop the island.

“I’m keen to continue working for, and with, the people and communities of Cumbrae if re-elected.

“To ensure another island-focussed government that will fulfil these plans, #BothVotesSNP.”



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