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Vote SNP for a Publicly owned, Reliable, Affordable and Greener Railway

Over the last decade the SNP Government has invested heavily in our railways, with new rolling stock, upgraded stations with longer platforms and improved timetabling, while keeping fares lower than in the rest of the UK. Nevertheless, we can, must and will go further to provide the improvements passengers both need and demand.

A re-elected SNP Government will deliver better, more affordable services more quickly by bringing ScotRail into public hands from 2022 and decarbonising Scotland’s railway by 2035.

Cunninghame North SNP Candidate Kenneth Gibson said:

“Scottish Ministers will work with regional transport partnerships to reinstate or develop new railway branch lines across rural Scotland and commuter lines in urban areas. This will deliver enormous benefits to commuters, communities and the economy while helping to meet our green travel objectives.

“Over the course of the next 2021-2026 Scottish Parliament, a re-elected SNP Government will invest £3,800 million on our rail network services for both passengers and freight. We will also deliver £1,200 million of major rail improvements, including £550 million for dedicated rail decarbonisation projects.

“Together, we will make our railways more reliable, more affordable and greener for the people of Scotland.”

On 06 May #BothVotesSNP



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