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Vote SNP on 05 May for More New Affordable Homes

Everyone should have a safe, warm, affordable home in the community they want to live in.

An SNP run North Ayrshire Council will be committed to further expanding our social and affordable housing stock.

Since 2007, the SNP Government has delivered 105,755 affordable homes, over 73,000 of which were for social rent.

SNP Government funding has enabled NAC to deliver new and improved developments like Dickson Court in Beith, Watt Gardens in Dalry and Montgomery Court in Kilbirnie.

Despite the financial crash and UK Tory austerity, the SNP Government provided NAC with £48 million over the last five years to invest in new council housing, resulting in 1,575 high quality new council homes being built or planned .

The SNP Government is providing another £81.21 million over this 2021 to 2026 Holyrood Parliamentary term, to deliver more social and affordable, for people across the Garnock Valley and North Ayrshire.

By contrast, when were in charge at Holyrood from 1999 to 2007, Labour and the Liberal democrats didn’t invest a single penny to build any council housing anywhere in North Ayrshire!

SNP councils will work with the SNP Government to make progress towards the target of 110,000 more affordable homes by 2032.

70% of these will be for social rent and 10% will be in rural, remote and island areas.

This will be backed by investment of over £3.5 billion over this parliamentary term. It will also support 14,000 jobs a year. This target will be met through a combination of new build homes and bringing existing housing stock back into use.

Scotland has strong housing rights for those experiencing homelessness, and SNP councils will continue to work with the SNP Government and third sector partners to reduce homelessness, end rough sleeping and transform the use of temporary accommodation.

An SNP North Ayrshire Council will work with the SNP Government in rolling out our share of the £50 million Ending Homelessness Together Fund from 2022-26.



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