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Vote SNP to help North Ayrshire's High Streets thrive

North Ayrshire high streets have been hard hit by the pandemic and the ever increasing use of online shopping. An SNP North Ayrshire Council will work:

  • With the SNP Government to explore a new national digital sales tax to level the playing-field between physical and online retail - revenue from this would be used to support town and city centres.

  • To support thriving town centres and high streets through the Town Centre First principle, and ensure that the impact on town centres is considered as a part of all investment decisions.

  • With the SNP Government through the recently published Retail Strategy to help local retail sectors change, innovate and thrive, and become exemplars in inclusive growth, supporting robust, local supply chains and offering people and communities the goods, experiences and services they want.

  • To develop build on the successful ‘Scotland Loves Local’ Campaign and encourage people to visit local shops and cafés, and buy goods and services from local businesses whenever possible. This will help support jobs and town centres.

  • To protect and improve access to public and school libraries across Scotland, making good use of the £1.25 million Public Library COVID Relief Fund which has already provided £29,500 to North Ayrshire Council for a programme of wellbeing events targeting social isolation and promoting mental health and wellbeing, by reconnecting communities with their library service and rebuild confidence.



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