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Vote SNP to help Scotland's Businesses deliver Prosperity

Healthy, thriving businesses hold the key to our prosperity, by creating and sustaining creation of and the provision of goods and services. The SNP 2021 Holyrood Manifesto makes it clear that re-electing the SNP Government is the best way to support our businesses. For example, by:

  • Delivering rates relief of £719 million this year – the most generous package in the UK - which benefits more than 100,000 businesses, and continuing to ensure that most ratepayers in Scotland pay a lower poundage than elsewhere in the UK.

  • £100 million to help small and medium sized businesses access the right digital skills and equipment.

  • Increasing employee-owned businesses in Scotland, such as Arran’s Auchrannie Resort, to 500 by 2030 - a 400% increase

  • A £579 million investment ensuring every home and business in Cunninghame North and beyond has superfast broadband access by 2023.

  • A new £20 million Rural Entrepreneur Fund providing grants of up to £10,000 to support the relocation into more suitable premises and the creation of 2,000 new businesses.

  • £50 million to provide financial support, advice and training to women looking to start or grow their business, with £3 million per year to pay 100 female applicants full-time salary equivalents; allowing them to develop their pioneering business ideas in financial security.

Furthermore, the SNP recognises that our high streets have been hit hard by the pandemic and the ever increasing role of online shopping. That’s why we will explore the introduction of a new national digital sales tax to level the playing-field between online and digital and use any revenue from this to breathe new life into our town and city centres.

There will be a Retail Strategy to help the sector in Scotland change, innovate and thrive, and become an exemplar in inclusive growth, supporting a robust, local supply chain and offering people and communities the goods, experiences and services they want.

Kenneth Gibson said:

“This manifesto shows that following the support provided to help North Ayrshire’s businesses through the pandemic, the SNP remains committed to our high streets and entrepreneurs through innovative measures and significant investment as our economy recovers.

“The only way to make sure our next government will implement these policies is by voting SNP either today via your postal ballot, or on 06 May at the polls.”



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