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Voter ID an Assault on Democracy

Kenneth Gibson MSP has slammed the Tory Government’s draconian voter identification (ID) laws and lack of a public awareness campaign, as new polling shows that in Scotland 27% of voters are unclear about the new rules.

Kenneth said:

“In North Ayrshire and Arran constituency, 25.18% of voters are unaware of new voter ID laws. The Tories cannot be allowed to achieve their goal of winning more seats through differential voting by their supporters.

“It’s the responsibility of UK Ministers to ensure the electorate is fully aware of new voter ID rules and a public awareness campaign must be implemented to ensure voters are not turned away from polling stations.

“The SNP Government opposes Tory Voter ID policy and Scottish Ministers confirmed it won’t apply to Scottish Parliament and local council elections, which are under Holyrood’s control.

“Nevertheless, please check you have suitable photographic Voter ID before the next UK general election, so we can show the Tories the door.

“Voting SNP is the only way to guarantee a Tory free Scotland.”

‘New polling: Lack of awareness of new voter ID rules could be crucial in marginal constituencies’

Voters who don’t hold any accepted form of voter ID can register for a Voter Authority Certificate or a postal vote can apply at


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