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Voting SNP benefits Health and Social Care in North Ayrshire

SNP policies and investment help health and social care in North Ayrshire as follows:

  • The NHS Ayrshire and Arran budget in 2022/23 is £806.8 million, an increase of £32.3 million since last year.

  • NHS Ayrshire and Arran’s resource budget has been increased by 11.1% in real terms between 2010/11 and 2022/23.

  • NHS Ayrshire and Arran’s budget has been increased in cash by £309.9 million (62.4%) from 2006/07 to 2022/23.

  • Staffing in Scotland’s NHS has risen to record highs. Under the SNP, the overall workforce of NHS Ayrshire and Arran is up 16.6% or 1,349.2 WTE.

  • Scotland has the best paid NHS staff in the UK.

  • The pandemic has put on the NHS and some NHS Boards have had to take necessary steps to protect urgent care.

  • The SNP Government is working closely with NHS Boards to ensure resilience against these pressures alongside the effective remobilisation of services, in line with the NHS Recovery Plan backed by more than £1 billion of targeted investment. The Plan sets out key actions for the next five years to help address backlogs in healthcare and increase capacity by at least 10%.

  • The SNP Government is providing funding of £30 million to support GP practices across Scotland to support more face-to-face appointments; have extra GP sessions, practice nurse time and non-core hours covering all appointments and more.

  • By December 2021, 2,815 unpaid carers in North Ayrshire benefited from the Carer’s Allowance Supplement.

  • £462.80 was paid to each carer in December as part of a package including the additional Coronavirus Carer’s Allowance Supplement, in recognition of the impacts of the pandemic on unpaid carers.

  • Eligible carers in Scotland received up to £694.20 more in support last year than carers in the rest of the UK.

SNP Councillors represent the SNP policy of free health and social care, and they will continue to work hard to ensure the North Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership delivers quality and timely social care.



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