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Voting SNP is working for Young People

Young people are being urged to vote SNP in the North Ayrshire Council election on Thursday 05 May.

The SNP government extended the voting franchise to 16 and 17-year-olds in 2015 to give greater voice, influence, and engagement to young people in the democratic process. Some of the ways in which an SNP North Ayrshire Council and the SNP Government will working to deliver for young people across North Ayrshire and Scotland are:

  • Between 2008-2021, the SNP Government has invested £2,861,417 in Cashback for Communities funding in North Ayrshire, funding 71,071 activities benefitting North Ayrshire’s young people.

  • Scrapping Council Tax for Under 22s - saving a young person living alone in a Band B property around £750 annually

  • Progress towards 110,000 more affordable homes by 2032, with 70% of these available for social rent

  • Increasing access to sporting, leisure and cultural opportunities in local communities; especially for children and young people from low-income backgrounds

  • Improving the educational and well-being outcomes of care experienced young people

  • Promoting green travel options, in line with the SNP Government delivery of free bus travel for Under 22s.

This election is about making sure we have SNP Councillors as possible, who will support the right recovery in our communities and tackle the challenges we are now facing – a Tory cost of living crisis and the climate emergency. The SNP has already taken bold actions to support young people as they build their lives – from scrapping council tax for under 22's to extending free bus travel.

On top of these practical steps, it is only the SNP that has a credible plan to secure a net zero and climate resilient future for the generations to come. Voting SNP on Thursday is the best thing young people in North Ayrshire can do.



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