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World Autism Awareness Week, 26 March – 02 April 2018

In the lead up to World Autism Awareness Day on 02 April 2018, schools, workplaces and individuals across Scotland will get involved with World Autism Awareness Week and help raise funds for the National Autism Society.

World Autism Awareness Week will see a wide range of events taking place to help raise awareness and funds to help those with autism or affected by the condition. Fundraisers will include a sponsored Night Walk in Glasgow and the virtual “7k for 700k” challenge, which asks participants to swim, run, walk, or cycle, 7 kilometres to raise funds for the 700,000 people with autism living in the UK.

Scottish businesses participating in the week will host a “Quiet Hour,” adjusting their lighting and turning off in-store music to make shopping a less overwhelming experience for autistic people.

The National Autistic Society will also launch a new film as part of their Too Much Information (TMI) campaign, which gives viewers an insight into life as an autistic person and encourages people to “take a minute and give an autistic person more time to process information”.

Kenneth Gibson MSP commented:

Too much information can overwhelm an autistic person and can make the world seem a terrifying and isolating place. By being conscious of our actions in public spaces, we can make life easier for those around us and contribute towards a more inclusive society. For example, if using public transport, make sure your electronic devices can only be heard by you and ask others if they need help using plain language if they seem anxious.

I encourage everyone to watch and share the new TMI video, and reflect on what actions we can all take to make Scotland a more autism-friendly place.”

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