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Young People Urged to apply for Job Start Payment

Eligible 16 - 24 year olds who are starting employment after a period of being unemployed, are being urged to apply for Job Start Payment.

The one-off payment worth £267.65, or £428.25 if the applicant has children, helps young people with the costs of travel, work clothes or childcare. Those who are in receipt of certain benefits or tax credits can apply for this payment, which is only available in Scotland as an SNP Government policy.

Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

“Starting a new job can require an investment in travel and workwear before you’ve had your first pay cheque and that shouldn’t form an obstacle. This payment is especially designed to support young people in a particularly precarious financial position as they embark upon new employment.

“The SNP Government is keen to see even more people make use of the Job Start Payment, which it launched in summer 2020, particularly given the current cost of living pressures.

“Please check on if you are eligible and apply.”

Job Start Payment is available to eligible young people who have been offered a job after being out of work for at least six months to the day they were offered the job and are in receipt of a qualifying benefit.

Care leavers can apply for a further year, up to the day before their 26th birthday, and only need to be out of work and in receipt of a qualifying benefit on the day of their job offer.

Find more information about the payment, eligibility and how to apply here.



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