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Zero-Hours Contracts Fall in Scotland While Rising Across the UK

The SNP has welcomed new figures showing that Scotland is leading by example in delivering fair work and has called on Labour to support full powers over employment laws for the Scottish Parliament.

The figures provided by the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe), show that Scotland has a lower proportion of workers on zero-hours contracts than the UK.

As the number of zero-hours contracts in Scotland dropped by 2,000 across the UK it has risen by 101,000 in the past 12 months.

The SNP back a ban on exploitative zero-hours contracts but the power remains reserved to Westminster and the UK government has yet to show any willingness to take the action required to deliver job security and fair conditions for all.

Commenting, Kenneth Gibson said:

“Zero-hours contracts can and are being used to exploit workers.

“Employees are too often denied regular or sufficient working hours or penalised for not being available to work. This is a root cause of poverty, stress and has a negative knock-on effect in households and communities across the country.

“The SNP believes that the exploitative use of these contracts, where they are used to deny giving workers the protections they are due, should be banned.

“Every worker should have appropriate rights and protections, including holiday and sick pay.

“The SNP has consistently argued for the full devolution of employment and equalities law, including minimum wage powers. If the Tories won’t take action at Westminster, we could then do so in the Scottish Parliament.

“Labour might talk about workers’ rights but they opposed devolution of full powers on employment to Scotland. They should now welcome these figures and work with the SNP to help deliver stronger workers’ rights and conditions in Scotland and across the UK.”



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