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Zero Waste Scotland Urges Firms to Join Anti-Litter Campaign

Scottish firms and councils are among organisations being urged to join a new nationwide campaign to prevent littering and fly-tipping.

Campaign group Zero Waste Scotland said the behaviour was costing the public purse in Scotland more than £50 million a year.

Its appeal includes asking businesses to put posters up in windows to discourage customers from littering.

Zero Waste said more than 15,000 tonnes of litter were discarded in Scotland each year. It warned it was creating a "substantial impact" on the environment.

Other measures it is asking businesses, councils and organisations to consider, is storing waste correctly and making sure any outside areas are clear of litter.

Zero Waste Scotland chief executive Iain Gulland, said:

"It is clear that litter-picking and cleaning alone is not a long-term solution to Scotland's litter issue.That's why we need to work together to prevent litter at its source.

"We have had a great response from organisations that are passionate about protecting their communities and the environment, and I'm excited to replicate this success across the country.

"I hope as many businesses and organisations as possible will get in touch to look at putting together an action plan for your area to help prevent litter from blighting it."

Kenneth Gibson MSP added:

"I never cease to be disappointed at how many people pollute their own community, country and environment by thoughtlessly dropping litter. There is no excuse for it. It pollutes our countryside and seas, and kills wildlife.

Having organised and participated in scores of beach, river and community litter-picks over the years, I strongly support this initiative and believe that the ‘Adopt a Road’ scheme should be promoted in Scotland. It has proven to be a great success in North America and elsewhere.”

Zero Waste's funding comes from the SNP Government and the European Regional Development Fund.


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