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10,582 Affordable Homes Completed in Scotland - Highest Number since 2000

In the year to September 2023, the SNP Government delivered 10,582 affordable homes - the highest number since measurements began in 2000.

This included 1,592 new high-quality council houses; a stark comparison to the pitiful six in all of Scotland built between 2003 and 2007 by the last Labour/Lib Dem administration.

Given high inflation in the construction industry, skilled labour shortages post-Brexit, COVID and austerity, which has cut and will continue to cut Scotland’s capital allocation this is a remarkable achievement and shows the SNP Government’s commitment to affordable housing, even in the most challenging times.

From when the SNP gained office in 2007 untilSeptember 2023, the annual supply of affordable housing has consistently been the highest in Britain per 10,000 population each year:

Scotland 14.2

England 9.7

Wales 8.2

The Tories have been in office since 2010 in England, Labour since 1999 in Wales.

Regarding council housing, last year the figures are even more stark, with completions per 10,000 population:

Scotland 3.0

England 0.7

Wales 2.1

Only the SNP can be trusted to invest in the new homes Scotland needs.


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