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Supporting Chest Heart & Stroke's "Bring Back Thrombectomy" Campaign

Kenneth Gibson MSP has pledged his support to Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland's "Bring Back Thrombectomy" Campaign, which calls for the reinstatement of thrombectomy services as a priority and the commitment to fund a national thrombectomy service with specialist centres across Scotland in 2019.

Thrombectomy is a specialised procedure that involves physically removing blood clots from the brain after a stroke.

The SNP Government recognises the benefits of thrombectomy which can significantly improve outcomes and quality of life for some people by avoiding or reducing the level of disability. That is why a Directors of Planning Group has developed a national planning framework for the provision of thrombectomy for Scotland.

The development of the framework for thrombectomy will consider all the elements required to deliver the service, including: referral criteria and pathways for patients, facilities, workforce, training and education and will be presented to the national planning board at its January meeting which will then provide the basis for the implementation and spread of thrombectomy provision in Scotland.

The SNP Government’s strategy for stroke is delivering real improvements with deaths from stroke down by 39.5% between 2007 and 2016. The Stroke Improvement Plan published by the Scottish Government in 2014 affirms stroke as a clinical priority for the NHS in Scotland. This Plan sets out a comprehensive programme for further reducing the number of deaths from stroke and improving stroke care and treatment across the whole patient pathway.

Thrombectomy is a relatively new clinical intervention, so it is important that proper work and planning are undertaken to ensure that services are safe and that they deliver high quality care to patients.

People who have had a stroke need access to the best possible care as quickly as possible, which is why the SNP Government are focused on providing that in acute settings as well as helping people’s long-term recovery in their own communities.

The SNP Government are determined to have a thrombectomy service rolled out in Scotland, but it is vital to do that based on proper clinical planning.

For more information, visit the campaign website.


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