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No-Deal Brexit a ‘Betrayal’ Says Former Chancellor Philip Hammond

Former Tory Chancellor Phillip Hammond MP has hit out at Prime Minister Boris Johnson and those "unelected people who pull the strings of this government.”


Writing in The Times, Mr Hammond warned Mr Johnson that he risks a "betrayal" of the 2016 Brexit referendum if he leaves the European Union (EU) without an agreement, as he continues making demands that the EU "cannot, and will not, accede to.” [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

Mr Johnson has declared that he will achieve Brexit “do or die” by 31 October and has stepped up preparations for a no-deal Brexit in the event that a new deal cannot be struck. The EU has firmly ruled out reopening the Withdrawal Agreement negotiated with previous Prime Minister Theresa May.


Mr Hammond warns that no-deal would not be an "acceptable outcome” and made it clear he would work with "numerous" other opponents of such an outcome to try and stop it happening.The former chancellor added:


"The hardliners may make the most noise but they are not the most numerous.


“Most people in this country want to see us leave in a smooth and orderly fashion that will not disrupt lives, cost jobs or diminish living standards, whether they voted Leave or Remain in 2016.


"Parliament faithfully reflects the view of that majority and it will make its voice heard. No-deal would be a betrayal of the 2016 referendum result. It must not happen."


Mr Hammond has joined 20 other senior Tory MPs - including seven former Cabinet ministers - in writing a letter to the Prime Minister warning against leaving the EU without an agreement.


As chaos continues to reign at Westminster, the latest Lord Ashcroft independence poll shows that a majority of people in Scotland want a fresh independence referendum.

Kenneth Gibson MSP commented:


“The people of Scotland did not vote for this Tory Government, they didn’t vote for this new Prime Minister, they didn’t vote for Brexit and they certainly didn’t vote for a catastrophic no-deal Brexit which the Prime Minister is now planning for.


“Mr Johnson is set to be even more intransigent and out of touch with Scotland than Theresa May, sidelining our economic interests and ignoring our democratic decision to remain in the EU. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

“Any form of Brexit would be devastating for Scotland. The Tories are putting thousands of Scottish jobs under threat, and - according to the Fraser of Allander Institute - could cost every person in the country £2,300 a year.


“It’s no wonder that support for independence is growing and a majority of people want a fresh referendum.


“The people of Scotland deserve the choice of a better future than the damaging Brexit Britain imposed on us by Westminster. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

“Any pretence that Scotland will be treated as an equal partner in this broken union is gone.


"It’s clearer than ever that the only way to properly protect Scotland’s interests is by becoming independent.”


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