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A Celebration of Cancer Research UK's Crucial Work in Scotland

Cancer Research UK  (CRUK) last week held a Parliamentary Reception where I spoke to CRUK funded teams of scientists working across Scotland and to learn about the vitally important and innovative work that they do.

The focus of the reception was celebrating Scotland’s cancer research environment.

Last September CRUK announced it’s biggest ever investment in Scotland - £123 million.

Scotland has a strong scientific research community, with excellent research universities and institutes, which allows us to punch above our weight in securing nationally and internationally competitive funding which brings research success, improved health outcomes and economic growth.

In the field of cancer, these strengths mean Scotland is home to excellent research institutions, with researchers pushing the boundaries of our understanding of cancer, developing new treatments, and contributing to networks, resources, and collaborations of international significance.

Nevertheless, there is still work to be done at Scottish and UK Government levels to develop and support current research and ensure we safeguard Scotland’s place as a global life sciences leader in the next decade and beyond.


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