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Ardrossan Harbour Redevelopment

Today, Ardrossan Councillor Tony Gurney will move the following motion at NAC:

“Council notes with disappointment the decision of the board of Transport Scotland to revisit the business case for the redevelopment of Ardrossan Harbour.

"Council also notes:

"That Ardrossan provides the shortest, most economical, and greenest ferry route for Arran residents.

"That Ardrossan is the only port with adequate public transport links to service the ferry.

"That any change to the route would result in longer crossing times, the concomitant reduction in the number of services and the subsequent reduction in the Arran service.

"The multi¬million pound investment already committed by NAC to the project and more widely in Ardrossan.

"That these, and other factors, have already been accepted by all parties as the core framework for continuing the Ardrossan to Arran ferry service.

"That Ardrossan Harbour is a key component of Peel Ports’ infrastructure. Council acknowledges the increase in building costs associated with this and other projects but does not accept that this constitutes grounds for changing the core decision.

Taking into account this context the council instructs the chief executive to write to:

"The Transport Minister to ask her to publicly re¬affirm the choice of the Ardrossan to Arran route and to urge her to proceed with the project as quickly as possible.

"The board of Transport Scotland in the same terms.

"The chief executive of Peel Ports to ask the organisation to invest in the project to a level commensurate with its importance.

"The First Minister to remind him of his previous commitment to the project and to ask him to consider reversing the privatisation of Peel Ports' Scottish assets."

Kenneth Gibson MSP commented that the First Minister has already made clear his continuing support for Ardrossan:

“On 23 August, Patricia Gibson MP and I met the Isle of Arran Ferry Committee with First Minister Humza Yousaf MSP in Brodick.

“The First Minister was asked directly if he remained ‘absolutely committed’ to ensuring that Ardrossan will continue to be the Ayrshire port of choice serving Brodick, to which he unequivocally replied ‘yes, or Kenneth and Patricia will give me what for!’

“This was confirmed in the Arran Banner on 01 September.

“Ultimately this is about improving the resilience and reliability of the Ardrossan to Brodick ferry service.

“Having been involved with the campaign to retain Ardrossan, even cancelling a holiday to attend an Ardrossan Harbour Task Force meeting on 13 August 2018 where it hung in the balance, it would be unacceptable to Patricia and I if the ferry were to move permanently to Troon, just as it would be to our Ardrossan and Arran constituents.

“Last Wednesday, 06 September, I met Transport Minister Fiona Hyslop to again press the need to redevelop Ardrossan Harbour as soon as possible.

“In the meantime, to protect the ferry service, £3.6 million has been invested in Troon to ensure the Glen Sannox can sail to Brodick when it enters service next year. However, Troon will only operate until Ardrossan has been redeveloped.”

Patricia Gibson MP added:

“The privatisation of Clydeport by the Tories three decades ago means that any decisions made regarding Ardrossan Harbour must include its owners Peel Ports, who have driven a hard bargain with regard to their share of redevelopment costs.

“Negotiations took years before agreement was reached. Unfortunately, sky-rocketing construction inflation and the need for additional berth realignment mean that costs are again a bone of contention, with Peel’s view that these should fall primarily on the taxpayer, namely the SNP Government and NAC.

“Peel is, nevertheless, keen like everyone else to make progress and it’s anticipated that a new business case will be completed in November.

“We are determined that work will begin on site at the earliest possible date.”


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