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Autism Support Ayrshire

On Tuesday I visited National Autistic Society Scotland's Autism Support Ayrshire in Kilmarnock.

I met Manager, Clare Kennedy and Project Worker, Georgia Haygreen with Ruth Maguire MSP to discuss their work and the challenges faced by autistic people and their families.

Autism is a lifelong, neuro-developmental disability, impacting social interactions, communication, and relationship to their environment. It’s a 'spectrum' condition and the lived experiences and needs of autistic people are very diverse. There are around 56,000 autistic people in Scotland supported by 225,000 people in families and support networks.

Autism Support Ayrshire offers free guidance, workshops, and online social activities for young people and adults as well as services at home and in communities including supported living services and employability support.

There is no need to have a formal diagnosis to access their services, offering information pre, during and post assessment or diagnosis.

For further information please call: 07500 794323



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