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Europe's Largest Floating Wind Project Approved by SNP Government

Scottish Ministers have consented Europe’s first commercial-scale floating wind project .

Green Volt Offshore Wind Farm will unlock around £3,000 million of investment and generate hundreds of jobs.

30-35 turbines anchored 46 miles off the Aberdeenshire coast will be generate 560 MW of electricity from 30 to 35 turbines.

Scotland has become positioned as a leading destination for investment in renewable energy, with the potential to spearhead the green transition.

The SNP Government has been steadfast in its support for job-creating ventures within the green economy.

Initiatives such as the £500 million Just Transition fund and £100 million investment in renewable hydrogen projects underscore Scotland's commitment to renewable energy and climate action.

In contrast, the Tories are openly hostile to renewable developments and Labour has reneged on their green spending commitments - slashing their pledge by astonishing 83% - even before entering government.

Scotland cannot afford to lag in the global pursuit of green energy solutions, and we can’t trust UK Governments to deliver.

Only with independence will Scotland realise its full renewables potential.

We know Scotland has the energy; we just need the power.


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