• Kenneth Gibson MSP

Free Training to make Tourism and Hospitality More Disability-inclusive

Inclusion Scotland, the Disabled People’s Organisation, is offering free online training to all who work in the Tourism and Hospitality Sector in Scotland, between 22 February and 21 March.

The courses, fully funded through the SNP Government’s Tourism Recovery Fund and supported by Skills Development Scotland, are open to all who meet following criteria:

  • Age 16 and over

  • Works full / part time in Scottish Hospitality or Tourism

  • Resident in Scotland

The free training is to help staff approach with a disability – including colleagues - in the most respectful and accommodating way.

The workshops will also help increase confidence and knowledge to attract, recruit and retain well qualified, motivated staff in challenging times, with practical advice and guidance to help make businesses more accessible and inclusive for customers and employees alike.

This training is open to all employees, employers and self-employed in Tourism and Hospitality across Scotland working towards a more inclusive and accessible workplace and society.

Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

“20% of the working population in Scotland define as at least partially disabled and thousands people each year leave work due to an impairment related issue, so this is a topic that affects many lives.

“As Scotland’s tourism and hospitality industry recovers from the pandemic, this is a perfect opportunity to ensure you and your staff are able to welcome disabled people back in the best possible way.

“The past few years have been isolating for many and even more so for many people living with a disability.

“Ensuring that people with disabilities feel comfortable visiting and working in establishments has always been important, so now let’s go the extra mile.”

Please apply via the Inclusion Scotland website.

Inclusion Scotland is fully funded by the SNP Government.