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Gift Packs for all P2 and P3 Children

Read, Write, Count Campaign rolls out free bundles of books and games

Every P2 and P3 child in Scotland will receive a pack containing books, games and other materials to help improve their literacy and numeracy skills.

Education Secretary John Swinney launched the first packs as part of the Read, Write, Count Campaign which encourages parents to actively engage in their child’s learning journey. An estimated 128,000 packs, and another 1,600 in Gaelic, are available for pupils in the age group in the run up to Book Week Scotland (21-27 November), a national celebration of books and reading.

Mr Swinney said:

Delivering equity and excellence across Scotland’s education system is the SNP Government’s defining mission and I remain firmly committed to substantially closing the attainment gap during the lifetime of this parliament.

Read, Write, Count is about more than just improving attainment though. We know there is a direct link between strong family learning environments and progress in reading, writing and counting which is why these packs are specifically designed to encourage family engagement and help parents and carers become more involved in their child’s learning.

By forging a stronger connection between how our young people learn and play both at home and in school we hope to inspire a lifelong love of learning that will ensure every child in Scotland has the ability to reach their full potential.

Kenneth Gibson added:

Parents are the first, and most vital, teacher any child has. While schools in Scotland give children a great education, learning doesn’t start and stop at the school gates.

Having fun with your children is one of the great things about being a parent and helps build stronger bonds. These packs have therefore been carefully designed to provide an enjoyable learning experience for pupils both at school and at home, supporting parents of children in primaries 2 and 3 who want to take a more active role in their children’s learning.

Read, Write Count gift packs are free to all P2 and P3 children in Scotland. This is an extension of the existing Bookbug programme for P1 children.

Read, Write, Count is SNP Government-led and aims to improve key numeracy and literacy skills among young primary school children. It builds on the success of the PlayTalkRead campaign aimed at parents and carers of pre-school children.

Parents can visit or for tips, activities and ideas that make reading, writing and counting with children an easy, enjoyable and positive experience.

Tesco Bank has also launched a reading initiative, the Tesco Bank Summer Reading Challenge which encourages children to read for pleasure. They donated four books which Mr Gibson will give to one of his local primary schools. More information is available at


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