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Inaugural Meeting of the New Cross Party Group on Life Sciences

At the inaugural meeting of the new Cross Party Group on Life Sciences, held in the Scottish Parliament on 28 November.

Kenneth Gibson MSP was elected Convenor, with John Scott MSP and Graham Simpson MSP as Deputy Convenors.

Also pictured are Alison Culpan, Director, Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, Scotland; Professor Graeme Roy, Director of the Fraser of Allander Institute and Continuous Manufacturing and Crystalisation (CMAC) Industrial Director Craig Johnston.

Around 40 people, primarily from Scotland's universities and life science industries participated.

Professor Roy presented the Fraser of Allander Institute Economic Impact Report on the contribution of the pharmaceutical industry in Scotland and both he and Craig Johnston answered a wide-ranging series of questions on the industry, ranging from productivity to future developments, interactions with the NHS and attracting venture capital to the industry.

The SNP Government has identified the life sciences industry as a key growth sector for the Scottish economy, in recognition of both the current contribution and the enormous potential of the sector for Scotland. Not only does this cutting-edge, science-based industry constantly push the limits of medical research and application, it is a significant contributor to Scotland, generating around £2,600 million to the Scottish economy and around 27,000 jobs

The Cross Party Group will work to raise the profile of life science here in Scotland. We will also help inform SNP Government thinking on related health, education, investment and employment issues in this wealth creating, research and development intensive industry.


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