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MV Loch Shira - Ramp

Further to contacting Robbie Drummond, Chief Executive, CalMac about the condition of the ramp on Cumbrae’s ferry, the MV Loch Shira, his replacement, Duncan Mackison, confirmed the damage to the vessel’s forward ramp has been caused by loading and discharging large commercial vehicles which exceed the ramp’s design safe working load.

During the vessel’s annual overhaul, in January 2024, significant repairs were completed to address damage to the Aft ramp which was identified in December 2023

The Forward ramp was thoroughly inspected at this time and found to be in good condition. It is this ramp however, that is now damaged.

CalMac is now taking measures to strictly enforce adherence to the limitations of the ramp’s safe working loads.

The spares required to allow repair of the existing damage on MV Loch Shira’s ramp “are subject to long lead time and arrangements will be made to complete an extraordinary dry dock to install these spares and repair the ramp.”

Until then, CalMac will continue to operate the vessel single ended, requiring vehicles to reverse onto the vessel.

The strict implementation of measures to assure adherence with the ramp’s safe working load should prevent further damage.


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